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What came from humble roots in the back of a pick-up truck in 1978 has now become one of Long Island’s most respected and trusted moving companies, Economy Moving and Trucking Inc.

Originally conceived as a means for making a few extra dollars on the weekend, Economy Moving and Trucking Inc. has grown from the aforementioned pick-up to a small fleet of box trucks capable of moving single pieces up to the contents of entire houses.

The president of Economy Moving and Trucking Inc., who had previously been employed by Corporate Cowboy Trucking Inc. for over fifteen years, transformed the latter into the former, in April of 2004.

Together, we strive to keep the same family-friendly service that clients of the original company have come to rely on and newer clients can trust.

For all your small, medium, and large job needs, trust Economy Moving and Trucking Inc. to provide you with the best in personal care.

If you’re looking for storage, please call and ask which are the better, more reliable facilities in your area.

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